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Tap through the tiles below to explore all that BWH has to offer.


BWH is home to over 3,600 researchers, and more than 1,000 principal investigators which include Nobel Laureates, MacArthur Fellows, and Pew Scholars.

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Integrating disparate islands of patient data — genomic data, digital imaging records, biobank data, electronic medical records, and public health data — onto one platform. Providing researchers a simple query tool to: find patients with highly specific phenotypes, predict future outcomes and responses to therapy, and observe the penetrance of genetic variants.

Translational Infrastructure

Partners has over 100 research cores, 59 of which are housed at the Brigham. They provide state-of-the art instrumentation, methodologies, and expertise in virtually every field of medicine. Pictured above is the AMIGO suite, a state-of-the-art medical and surgical operating environment.


Our community of world-renowned physician-investigators attracts patients locally and globally. With such deep expertise, we have developed highly specialized, phenotyped and genotyped patient cohorts.

Translational Expertise

A diverse, extensive network of translational expertise allows BWH to design and execute clinical trials with efficacy. Taking discoveries and translating them into clinical practices allows our patients to have access to cutting-edge innovation.


Our broad network of biorepositories provides researchers with access to a wide variety of cell, tissue, and organ samples. The largest to date is Partners Biobank, through which we have completely sequenced the genomes of more than 55,000 patients. By integrating this with other datasets across the Partners network, we are uncovering novel insights on clinical trial design.

Tap Through The Tiles Below To Explore All That BWH Has To Offer.BWH Is Home To Over 3,600 Researchers, And More Than 1,000 Principal Investigators Which Include Nobel Laureates, MacArthur Fellows, And Pew Scholars.Integrating Disparate Islands Of Patient Data -- Genomic Data, Digital Imaging Records, Biobank Data, Electronic Medical Records, And Public Health Data -- Onto One Platform. Providing Researchers A Simple Query Tool To: Find Patients With Highly Specific Phenotypes, Predict Future Outcomes And Responses To Therapy, And Observe The Penetrance Of Genetic Variants.Partners Has Over 100 Research Cores, 59 Of Which Are Housed At The Brigham. They Provide State-of-the Art Instrumentation, Methodologies, And Expertise In Virtually Every Field Of Medicine. Pictured Above Is The AMIGO Suite, A State-of-the-art Medical And Surgical Operating Environment.Our Community Of World-renowned Physician-investigators Attracts Patients Locally And Globally. With Such Deep Expertise, We Have Developed Highly Specialized, Phenotyped And Genotyped Patient Cohorts.A Diverse, Extensive Network Of Translational Expertise Allows BWH To Design And Execute Clinical Trials With Efficacy.  Taking Discoveries And Translating Them Into Clinical Practices Allows Our Patients To Have Access To Cutting-edge Innovation.Our Broad Network Of Biorepositories Provides Researchers With Access To A Wide Variety Of Cell, Tissue, And Organ Samples. The Largest To Date Is Partners Biobank, Through Which We Have Completely Sequenced The Genomes Of More Than 55,000 Patients. By Integrating This With Other Datasets Across The Partners Network, We Are Uncovering Novel Insights On Clinical Trial Design.
Tap through the tiles below to explore all that BWH has to offer.

By strategically leveraging our expansive universe of expertise and resources at Brigham Health, we are fundamentally reforming the process by which clinical research is conducted. Our targeted approach allows us to develop and produce next-generation therapeutics and technologies faster and more efficiently.

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